You have said goodbye to all the synthetic nasties? No more sweet-smelling poison in you cream jar? Bravo, Lady, that’s the way to go!
Natural is always good but if you avoid a few common mistakes it can be even better!
  1. You’ve switched your skin care to oils alone
Natural, cold-pressed oils are great at providing nutrition and protection but may prove insufficient as moisturisers. Tone your face with a herbal distillate first (natural toner), then apply your natural vitamin C/bioflavonoid/coenzyme Q serum and only then lock the moisture in with your oil, at the same time protecting your skin from pollution and harsh temperature.
That is why I added a generous dose of essential oils to my Yogattractive line: so that apart from all the protecting and nourishing, the oils heal the skin too.
  1. You rely on oils to provide a high SPF
UVB and UVA protection is a must. Even on a cloudy day. You know that already, don’t you? I wish we could apply our favourite oil and go out safely but no: unfortunately oils will not give you adequate protection as they are not photostable. In other words, you need an extra sunscreen. And no, not all natural ones will make you look like a ghost. There are more and more clean and lovely sunscreens out there.
  1. What about the rest of your body? Are you sure there are no baddies lurking in your body balm?
The skin on the rest of your body deserves better. It absorbs a lot of what your body balm contains so make sure to pamper yourself with an all-natural balm enriched with some base and essential oils. A bath with magnesium or salt and a few drops of oil will be so much better for you than that bath foam you used to love as a child…
And now enjoy your healthy skin – healthy is beautiful!

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