Say goodbye to droopy eyes!


Yogattractive: getting rid of droopy eyelids

For our eyes to be healthy and young-looking, several layers of muscles must work together. The forehead muscles are also key to keeping the eyebrows arching beautifully rather than weighing down on our upper eyelids. 

The Yogattractive method uses as many as 8 exercises dedicated to the upper eyelids so that you enjoy a smooth skin there for a long time.

Here is one of them, which I call “flashing lights”:

Look into the mirror and open your eyes wide enough to see a bit of white above the iris of the eye or at least to notice that the upper eyelid lifts up. The weaker Orbicularis Oculi and Levator Cilii muscles, the more your forehead will lift too. In such a case hold the brows gently in place with your index fingers. 

Repeat 20 times, every day, and then raise the number of repetitions to 50. 

The next step? We exercise the upper eyelids with higher intensity and we massage them too, so let me invite you to our regular classes or to Skype sessions, individual or group, to keep a young and healthy face for much longer. 


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