Where are those super cosmetics?


I want the best for my skin. And I want the best for yours too, because each time you participate in a Yogattractive anti-ageing session you trust me to make your face healthier and more youthful. 

I want the best for your skin and mine but I am still not getting the best from the cosmetic industry:

  • A host of harmful ingredients still haven’t been banned. Artificial fragrances act as hormone disrupters and mineral oil blocks absorption of nutrients into the skin. That’s to mention only two ingredient groups among many and things already go seriously wrong for your body. 
  • The use of label “natural” is still not regulated 
  • “All natural” brands tend to include active ingredients in such small quantities that they just make little difference or none at all. If a producer, in an attempt to save money, fails to reach a certain threshold of concentration you are not getting the benefits even if your serum is indeed bio and plant-based. 

So I make my own Yogattractive oils. 

Cold-pressed, ecological, and chock-full of what is truly best in nature: essential oils that heal and pamper your face, body and hair. There are four of them, for different skin needs to mix, match and enjoy the heavenly scents. 

And these are the oils I use daily for my skin and during our Yogattractive workshops. The best of nature for natural anti-aging. 


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